Two Gangs Arrested for Stealing Electrical Cables

The North Security Department (NSD) has arrested two gangs specialized in stealing electrical cables from a number of geographical jurisdiction under the department. The two gangs consist of 23 persons of Asian and Arab nationalities

Blaze Contained at al-Wakrah and 8 Rescued

A fire broke out at a housing colony in al-Wakrah area at 4.00 AM in the early morning on Saturday (30/10/2010). The firefighters rushed to the scene immediately on receiving the complaint and tried to contain the fire.

Shopping Mall Burglars Arrested

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) recently arrested a gang of 8 burglars from Asian nationality who were specialized in carrying out burglaries in the biggest shopping malls in the country. The arrest was occurred as a result of many complaints reached to security departments on occurring thefts at shopping malls during the night time.

CID arrests grocer

The Criminal Investment department (CID) arrested recently an Asian grocer who sold government ration items without permit for double price during a raid.

Gang of counterfeiters arrested

DOHA: As a part of the efforts to tackle crimes and to maintain security and stability, The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has recently arrested a four-man expatriate who involved in the circulation