Airport Officers Attend Training Course


28 non-commissioned officers from Airport Security Department attended a course on dealing with public. The course held at Police Training Institute (PTI) from 29, January, 2012 concluded on Thursday, February 9. The course was organized by the Institute in collaboration with British International Academy.

The course was aimed at providing the participants with the knowledge, skills and orientation necessary to deliver a unique service and maintain the best behavior in dealing with passengers and the public as the airport is the first gate of the country and the employees are required to have necessary skills to help them perform the best.

The learners received theoretical lectures on several points including the duties and responsibilities of line officers at the airport, communication skills, analysis of patterns of human behavior and study and anticipate people's reactions in addition to the development of passenger service system.


The course also covered important topics such as public satisfaction - concept and importance, the consequences of poor service at the airport, characteristics of air travelers, the types of travelers and how to deal with them, the reasons and ways to avoid frustration of travelers and to evaluate their satisfaction.

The course was conducted as part of a series of courses implemented by Leaders' Training Center at PTI in accordance with future plans within the framework of the ambitious training plan of the Ministry of the Interior.