Preventive Education on Drugs


The Permanent Committee on Drug and Alcohol Affairs (PCDAA) held a three day course on 'Preventive Education from Drug Risks' for students of Ali bin Jassim bin Mohammed Secondary Independent Schools for Boys. The course held for 40 students of the schools started on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 and concluded on Thursday.

The programs included awareness lectures, awareness exhibition, cultural contests and sports activities. The course was organized as part of the National Strategy to Combat Drugs and 7th phase of National Project to create awareness on risks and dangers of drugs (Weqaya) that is being implemented by the PCDAA in a number of schools, universities, sports clubs and youth centers in the country.

The secretary of the PCDAA Major Ibrahim Mohammed Al Sameeh said that the course is targeting a number of middle and high schools in the state in order to raise and develop awareness of youth about the impact of the drug problem and ways to prevent them, and a create a culture security awareness among students.

Major Al Sameeh delivered a lecture on preventive education on the dangers of drugs in which he explained the complications that result from drugs and their impact on the health of the community , in addition to diseases caused by drugs and resulted in destruction of cells in the brain and will lead to violence and delinquency.


He talked about the types of drugs and most prevalent in our society and the extent of danger to human life as well as methods of prevention, pointing to the most important ways to combat these deadly materials and reduce them by intensifying sports and intellectual programs for youth that keep them away from such negatives aspects.

Dr. Ahmed Zaki social researcher at the PCDAA presented a lecture on the social consequences of drug abuse and he stressed that drug abuse and addiction does not depend on social or economic factors only, but also due to the fact that the addict has an abnormal behavior of seeking to meet his needs without any delay or insight and he disregard of the consequences of this behavior and the damage it makes on himself, his family and his community.