Traffic fatalities Decline in the Country


The director of Traffic Department Brigadier Mohammed Saad Al Kharji said that the traffic statistics for 2011 shows that traffic fatalities declined this year compared to previous year, explaining that the traffic accident deaths in 2011 declined by 13.3% per 100,000 inhabitants, which recorded a decrease from the global average of 16.6. He noted that there are many reasons behind traffic accidents, including non-compliance with traffic instructions, using mobile phone while driving, not fastening seat belt, and engagement of driver in something other than driving and speeding. 

It was announced at a press conference organized by the Traffic Department at its headquarters on Wednesday, January 18, 2011 to explain about traffic status in the state. The press conference was attended by Traffic Department director Brigadier Mohamed Saad Al Kharji, Secretary of the National Committee for Traffic Safety Brigadier Mohamed Abdullah Al-Maliki, Public Relations Department director Colonel Abdullah Khalifa Al-Muftah and head of the Office of Statistics in the Office of HE Minister of State for Interior Affairs Colonel Ibrahim Saad Al-Sulaiti. 

At first, Colonel Ibrahim Saad Sulaiti presented annual traffic statistics that show impact of traffic on the course of life in general as one of the most important variables affecting it. He pointed out that the number of vehicles in 2011 was 814,373, with a rise of 5.6%, as the number of vehicles in 2010 was 771,325. The total number of transactions done by the Department reached 3,080,395 with an increase of 5.7% as the year 2010 recorded 2,914,626 transactions. 


He noted that the number of traffic cases recorded in 2011 is 2,747 with a decline rate of 45.4% compared with previous year. The deaths due to traffic accidents declined by 10.6% compared with the year 2010, Al-Sulaiti said pointing to the decline in the proportion of deaths resulting from traffic accidents out of Total number of deaths registered in the State. The percentage of traffic deaths from total 1,136 deaths registered in the State in 2011 is only 18% while the value of this ratio in 2010 was 19.1%. 

Col. Al-Sulaiti added that in 2011 91.3% of traffic accidents that resulted in injury and 92.7% of traffic accidents that resulted in deaths was occurred on internal roads while 57.8% of the total number of major incidents occurred during the night. 65.2% of the perpetrators of traffic accidents are under the age of 35 years while 76.5% of the perpetrators of traffic accidents had less than 3 years of driving experience. 

‎838,796 traffic violations were registered in 2011 while in 2010 it was 987,178 and it shows decline by 15%. 71.2% these violations are speed limit violations. 97 traffic violations are registered per hour on average. 


On the other hand, Brig. Muhammed Saad Al Kharji stressed that the achievements accomplished by the Traffic Department were not achieved by individual effort, but it was the result of collaboration of all stakeholders at the Ministry of Interior and supporters such as Al Faza and relevant authorities. The Ministry of Interior has huge interest in raising traffic culture among young people and we are working hard to develop an integrated traffic curriculum for all levels of education from kindergarten through development of a small traffic village at all kindergartens and application of traffic curriculum in schools to educate the children and students in the traffic field, Brig. Al Kharji pointed out. 

The Interior Ministry is spending maximum efforts to reduce traffic accidents despite the increase in the numbers of vehicles and the population in the country. We call on all members of the society to cooperate with Ministry of Interior represented by the Traffic Department in order to reduce traffic accidents. The negative traffic behaviors such as use of the phone while driving or not wearing safety belt, or placing children in the front seat of a car or driving the car without taking care of the road by some drivers constitute the largest proportion of the causes of traffic accidents, mentioned the Director of Traffic Department. 

The Director of the Traffic Department then emphasized that the use of phone while driving by some drivers is a major cause of traffic congestion as some drivers get engaged in the phone which hinders the smooth traffic movement. During the press meet, He also mentioned to the importance of using traffic signals of the vehicle while driving as it is the language of interaction between drivers on the road. 


Secretary of the National Committee for Traffic Safety Brigadier Mohamed Abdullah Al-Maliki said the the National Committee for Traffic Safety is the official responsible body for formulating and devising general traffic policies and all plans and procedures required for developing traffic services in the country. 

Brigaider Al-Maliki explained that among various objectives of the National Committee for Traffic Safety are improving standard of traffic safety on roads, providing both citizens and expatriates with the highest possible levels of security and safety for their lives, properties and protecting human and economic resources of the country. 

He explained that the Committee’s mission is to build a sophisticated traffic system that responds to the present and future changes of current and future as per the mid and long term national strategic vision taking into account all stages of development experienced by the state. The committee is working on ambitious plans to improve the performance of traffic safety on the road in the State of Qatar to become the leading countries in the world in the field of traffic safety, he said. 


The director of Public Relations Department (PRD) of the Ministry of Interior, Colonel Abdullah Khalifal Al-Muftah said that the PRD and the Traffic Departments are completely coordinating in the field of traffic awareness in general and pedestrian awareness among expatriates in particular. These awareness campaigns have yielded results as evident from the decline in the number of pedestrian deaths and traffic accidents. He also added that the Ministry is keen to encourage any awareness initiatives and especially by youth as they are the most important segment of the society. 

Col. Al-Muftah urged for cooperation of mass media in spreading awareness and conveying correct information on traffic noting that the MoI website will add a link for traffic statistics as the main source of information in this regard.
Col. Al-Muftah also extended an invitation to all to participate in the Traffic Safety Meet being held on January 24, 2012 at Sheraton Doha to discuss traffic awareness by different authorities and parties.