Officers attend Security Sense and Body Language Course


A course on developing skills of security sense and understanding body language was launched recently at Leaders' Development Centre of the Police Training Institute for MoI Officers of Deputy rank. The course is being held in cooperation with the International British Academy where (25) non-commissioned officers from Airport Security and Passports Department.

The head of Administrative and Financial Affairs section of the Institute, the Colonel Ali Abdullah Al-Mansouri stressed the importance of such courses for staff in the field of immigration, as well as to all police officers in various areas of their work, which requires full knowledge of what is going on around them and follow-up, study, analyze and develop communication skills with others.

He explained that the police officers, particularly those who work at the entry gates, have great responsibilities and urged participants to make efforts to develop their skills and making use of information they receive and their application in the field of their work in the Department.


The course aims to provide trainees with knowledge and skills such as understanding methods of body language, behavior, and use it to work in order to provide a unique and secure service and maintain the best behavior in dealing with passengers and the public. The course included theoretical lectures on analyzing strengths and weaknesses of airport security, types of threats and risks, a sense of security and the role of airport employee and his skills in observation to seek the necessary security information.

It also includes other topics such as professional behavior, body language and how they contribute to create an idea about ​​the passenger and patterns of his behavior through different senses.