Officers Trained on Skill to Deal with Public


A course on skills to deal with the public at airports is being held for Ministry of Interior officers. The course was began on Sunday, January 8, 2011 at Leaders' Training Centre in Police Training Institute and will last until 19th of this month. The course is being held in association with British International Academy and is attended by 25 NCO's from Passports and Airport Security Department.

The director of the Police Training Institute Colonel Dr. Mohammed Abdulla Al-Mahanna Al-Marri asked the students to take advantage of the course topics in order to provide them with the knowledge, skills and orientation necessary to provide a unique service and maintain the best behavior to deal with the public, given that the airport is the first gate of the country and so it is required that employees are enjoying the extent of their necessary skills to help them perform the best in their assignments.

The learners will get theoretical lectures on duties of frontline staff at airports, communication skills, analyzing personality types and behaviours, study and expect the responses of the people and control the situation and develop passengers' service system.

The course also deals with important issues such as public satisfaction, types of passengers and their attributes and how to deal with them, the reasons and ways to avoid the passengers' grumbling and evaluation of customer satisfaction.

The course is part of a series of courses implemented by Leaders Training Centre in accordance with its future plans in the framework of the ambitious plans of the Ministry as per its constructive strategy.