PCDAA Holds Drug Awareness Course


The first training course on 'Preventive Parenting from Drug Risks' for students of Wakrah Independent Secondary Schools for Boys concluded on Thursday. The final days program was marked with and an open awareness day filled with cultural and sports activities, exhibition and contests.

This three day course was organized by the Permanent Committee on Drug and Alcohol Affairs (PCDAA) in cooperation with Supreme Council of Education for 50 students of the school. The programs included awareness lectures as part of the National Strategy to Combat Drugs and 7th phase of National Project to create awareness on risks and dangers of drugs (Weqaya) that is being implemented by the PCDAA in a number of schools, universities, sports clubs and youth centers in the country.

The closing session was attended by secretary of the PCDAA Major Ibrahim Mohammed Al Sameeh, head of Teams and Tournaments Committee of Qatar Police Sports Federation (QPSF) Major Arif Abdul Rahman and school director Dr. Salih Al-Ibrahim.


The awareness days programs were started with a quiz contest. The event was marked with different types of performance by students. A number of awareness leaflets and publications were distributed. some sample drug items were displayed and a documentary film featuring different types of drugs and its risks, how to identify drug addicts and report to the concerned authorities was also shown.

An exhibition was conducted on the sidelines of the course, and it was aimed at introducing the children on risks and dangers of the drugs and smoking. Preventive methods and role of the family in reducing its spread were also discussed during the course.

At the end of the day, a football match was conducted between two team of the school students and an awareness film was showcased during the half-time. The participants were distributed prizes and gifts.