Iris Scan Implemented at Doha International Airport


As part of its efforts to employ the technology in enhancing security and safety, the Ministry of Interior brought into effect Iris scan system at Doha International Airport to identify the passengers and to ease entry to and exit from the country.

Airport Security and Passports Department director Brigadier Nasser Ahmed al-Maliki, said that Qatar is one of the first states in the world to apply the system of iris scan at Doha International Airport. The Ministry of the Interior has largest electronic database based on iris that distinguish a person from the other where there is no two eyes are alike in everything, he said confirming that the accuracy of the performance of the electronic system adopted at the Doha International Airport is 100% since its implementation until now. Brigadier al Maliki added that iris scan is safe and does not affect the cornea and has no negative effects. Those who are coming to Doha and leaving Doha will be scanned by the electronic device that is installed next to the passport officer, who should take a picture of the retina only, without addressing the face and shall save it within the database. If the passport officer gets suspicion on anyone he can press a certain button to compare his image with the image stored in the memory device. This process will take only a second and half facilitating procedures and eliminating the crowd in front of the passport control.


The Director also said that the device films only cornea of ​​the eye and has nothing to do with the rest of the face and has no effect on the face in general and on the cornea in particular and it is only for the purpose of enhancing security through identification of individuals against recorded database. This allows the passage to and from the state easily and conveniently.

He noted that the management is constantly striving to make use of the information revolution to shift to electronic management in all its dealings.

From his part, Captain Nasser Humaidi, head of the Passports Section at the Department said that the Department has adopted many security projects that employs the best technologies available in developed countries. For the iris identification process, the Department has installed (59) devices at the entry and exit points in the airport, of which (22) devices are at the entry points and one device at Al Maha services counter, (8) devices on First class counters and two devices in VIP counters while (26) devices are installed in exit counters.