Two Gangs Arrested for Stealing Electrical Cables


The North Security Department (NSD) has arrested two gangs specialized in stealing electrical cables from a number of geographical jurisdiction under the department. The two gangs consist of 23 persons of Asian and Arab nationalities were arrested and referred to the public prosecution for legal proceedings. 

The NSD had received several complaints regarding theft of electrical cables from some sites where the infrastructure works are going on and from a site of a big company. A task force was formed immediately and a number of suspects belonging to one of the gangs were arrested while carrying out an operation. The stolen goods were seized and the suspects admitted the theft and detailed on the sites of their operation and guided to those sites. 


While the security personnel at the NSD could arrest some members of the second gang after setting up a security plan targeted on suspects and the arrest of these members led to the arrest the remaining members of the gang. The arrested persons confessed the charges and guided to the stolen item and the people who bought the stolen cables. All are referred to the concerned prosecution, which ordered to jail them and to refer to the court.