Thief Specialized In Stealing Valuables from Cars Arrested


The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ministry of Interior succeeded in arresting an Arab national who specialized in stealing valuables from vehicles. The Department had received numerous complaints that many valuable items have been stolen by breaking the window glasses of their vehicles from several locations of the country. The department formed an investigation team to detect the culprit at the earliest and to uncover the mysteries behind these thefts. The night vehicle and foot patrolling was intensified in those areas where the incidents occurred and the suspects were monitored and inspected.

During the patrolling, a man was spotted in a suspicious condition among a number of cars in a location inside Doha. During his body checking, pincers and pilers were found while he was wearing gloves. When his car was inspected, a number of screw drivers of different size and shape were also found. Four car stereos and 13 car PC's also were traced. During the interrogation, the suspect confessed that these all were stolen from cars parked at different locations.

While searching his house, many laptops were found and all the items traced have been taken into custody and the accused was referred to concerned security department for further investigation.