Two Held with 97 Fake Credit Cards


The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has arrested two persons identified as Europeans with 97 fake credit cards used for buying jewels, watches and gifts worth of QR 114,612 from six different shopping outlets.

The Department was alerted by a local bank that fake credit cards are being used for purchasing in some commercial outlets. On receiving the information the Department formed a team to follow up the crime and they were assigned to intensify search and hunt for the gang and arrest them.

The team leady by Assistant Director of the CID Jamal Mohammed Al Kaabi took up the matter and visited the shops where the forged cards were used for purchase. The team learnt from cashiers of the shops that the pairs were Europeans who spoke only their native language.

Based on the information, the team intensified the search and hunt for them and received the information that the suspects are staying at a hotel. Further they were observed and later arrested while they were trying to flee the country. During the interrogation about the credit cards used for shopping, one of them told the police that his partner has given him those cards.

Having searched their luggage the team found precious jewels, watches and dresses bought from various shops and all these items were seized. The suspects revealed the names of outlets from where they have purchased and the CID personnel talked with the outlets to identify their goods.

The suspects have been referred to the Public prosecution to complete the interrogation before their trial.