Bid to Smuggle 2,204,000 Captagon Foiled


Drug Combating Department (DCD) of Ministry of Interior successfully foiled an attempt to smuggle 2,204,000 captagon pills and arrested members of an international criminal network engaged in drug trafficking and pushing. The operation was completed with the cooperation of competent authorities in the country and its counterparts in an Arab country.

DCD learnt from its counterpart in an Arab country regarding an attempt of a criminal network to smuggle a good quantity of drugs in to the country hidden in heavy equipments by the way of sea for pushing in the country.

Once the validity of information was confirmed more inferences were collected and a team was formed for investigation, monitoring the movements of suspects and preparing for raid. With constant coordination and exchange of information between countries, the team closely watched the movements of members of the criminal network and the passage of consignment to the country.

Coordinating with Internal Security Forces (Lakhwiya) and competent authorities at Doha Seaport the consignment was allowed to be cleared at the port and watched thru as it was stored at a leased home. Thus it led the DCD to bring out all the members of the network who were involved in. They were watched and all legal and security measures were taken and finally an Arab national and another man were arrested and pills were seized while they were trying to distribute the pills.



During the interrogation they revealed regarding another two persons outside the country who were also arrested later and all the accused were referred to the competent court.

It shall be noted that Qatari Law regarding smuggling of narcotics for trading purpose has been toughened to include execution or life imprisonment.