CID Arrests Thieves of Valuables from Cars


Criminal Investigation Department (CID) had succeeded in revealing the mystery of thefts of valuables from a number of cars and in arresting the thieves and returning the stolen objects to their owners.

The CID had received complaints reporting that a number of valuables such as mobile phones, wallets, ATM cards and some other personal belongings were stolen from the cars while they were stopped in front of their owners' houses in Al-Morra area at night. The research team in the CID immediately set up a plan to unveil the mystery of these crimes and arrest its perpetrators through intensifying the secret police patrols in the area.

During search and investigation, the Department received information from one of its sources about a person residing in that area has committed these crimes using his brother's car. After verifying this information, legal procedures were taken and a search warrant was issued from the Public Prosecution Office to seize and search that person and the above said car. The CID seized QR 35000 a number of mobile phones, some gloves and screwdrivers during the raid at his house.


While the accused was interrogated, he admitted the stealing of personal belongings found inside cars after breaking its windows and opening its doors.

The accused guided the police to the place of committing those crimes and the owners of the cars identified their stolen belongings when they were called by the police. The CID referred the accused and the stolen items to the Public Prosecution to complete the investigation with him in preparation to present him in the Court.

Criminal Investigation Department herewith calls upon all members of the society not to leave cash money or expensive personal belongings in their cars, and not to leave the pin numbers of their ATM cards in their wallets.