CID Arrests Car Thief from Duhail Area


Within the framework of the efforts of Ministry of Interior for maintaining the security in the country and fight against the crime, the security agency achieved a remarkable success in disclosing the mystery of a number of thefts from the parked cars from Duhail area. The security personnel arrested an expatriate resident for stealing things from the cars and later, the police released the stolen items to its owners.

The CID had received a number of complaints mentioning to the thefts of personal effects such as mobile phones and other things from the parked cars in front of Police Training Institute located in Duhail area. The thefts were committed after breaking the car windows during the presence of its owners inside the Police Training Institute. Immediately, the CID team developed a plan and formed an investigation team to uncover the talismans of those crimes.

As a result of intensifying the patrols in the area and monitoring those practicing criminal activities and the stores selling and buying mobile phones, the investigation team could to collect useful information in this regard. During conducting search and investigation, the CID received an information from one of the sources informing about an expatriate is selling a number of expensive mobile phones for the price less than it deserve. The CID team tightened the investigation and confirmed the correctness of the information reached.

After completing the legal procedures, the suspect confessed the theft of valuables from the parked cars after breaking its glasses and showed the place where he hided the 9 stolen phones in addition to other 7 phones which were sold out by him to some shops. At the end, all stolen items were produced and the suspect was transferred to the concerned security department for completing legal procedures and to produce him in front of the public prosecution in preparation for submitting him to the trial.