Snuff powder Producers Arrested



The Preventive Security Department recently arrested a gang of 11 persons of Asian nationality for selling snuff powder (Suwaika) after receiving a tip-off on the production and marketing of snuff powder in the country.

The Preventive Security Department busted the gang through an intensive campaign after investigation. After completing necessary legal procedures, the security team raided the gang's residence and seized 876 packets of Suwaika and a big quantity of raw materials used for Suwaika production. At last, the gang members were referred to the concerned authority to take legal actions against them and a case was also registered against them as staying in the country after absconding from their sponsors.

Here, the Preventive Security Department urges the citizens and the residents to cooperate with Ministry of Interior by reporting immediately about any suspicious act related with the production and promotion of those harming substances to the operation room of the department on: 4471444 or calling Al Adied on 4947888 or sending an SMS to 92994 or e-mailing to