Shopping Mall Burglars Arrested


The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) recently arrested a gang of 8 burglars from Asian nationality who were specialized in carrying out burglaries in the biggest shopping malls in the country. The arrest was occurred as a result of many complaints reached to security departments on occurring thefts at shopping malls during the night time.

The CID immediately formed investigation group for searching about the culprits and for preventing occurrence of more cases and took the necessary security steps to arrest the suspects.

The efforts of Capital Investigation Section under the CID resulted in reaching to important information, which disclosed the identity of one of the suspects and the CID team confirmed the rightness of the information received in this regard. The information hinted that, one of the Asians with the help of others robbed one of the well-known shopping centre located at D Ring road and the police took legal actions and arrested the suspects from their accommodation and seized the theft items from them.

During the interrogation, it was cleared that, one of the thieves entered to the mall with other customers in the evening shift and before the closing time of the mall, he concealed at one of the corner of the mall and stayed there until the mall was closed at 12 AM in the midnight, while the other gang members were observing the movement of the security guards of the mall out side and informing the thief hiding inside the mall through mobile phone.

The investigation also disclosed that the thief inside the mall rounded inside the mall until he reached to the mobile phone shop and robbed 18 mobile phones of various sizes and a number of silver accessories.

By comparing the criminal method used in the robbery and by the expertness of the CID personnel, the investigation also disclosed that the arrested gang has carried out robbery at a famous commercial complex at Al Hilal area in the similar method and has stolen a number of mobile phones and money after breaking Zakath and donation boxes which were installed inside the complex. One of the gang member was working in the same mall before and was aware of the locations of mall very well.

During the interrogation, the gang members confessed that the first suspect broke the back door of the mall with iron rode and entered to the second floor of the mall while the another suspect accompanied him and they jointly carried out the robbery operation. The suspects were transferred to the concerned department for taking legal procedures against them.

The CID herewith, urges the owners and operators of the commercial companies and establishments to take necessary cautions and to not ignore the security and safety procedures in order to protect their properties, as during the last time it was noticed that, some of the companies and establishments are not providing necessary care for the preventive procedures and most of them are not keeping the treasuries in the safest place, in order to avoid its exposure for robberies.

The CID emphasizes that, it will spend maximum efforts and will take all security arrangements at all level for protecting the lives and properties and to perform the entrusted duty of protecting the society and its members including citizens and residents, at its best.