CID arrests grocer


The Criminal Investment department (CID) arrested recently an Asian grocer who sold government ration items without permit for double price during a raid. Two of his assistants from same nationality were also arrested with him.

The arrest was happened after a tip off received by the special search section of the department, informing that some people are collecting the government ration items and selling it for double prices. As a result, the department earned a permit form the public prosecution to carry out a raid at the suspects' accommodation, which lead to the confiscation of a big quantity of the ration items comprised of rice, sugar, milk and oil with the seal of central committee.

During the interrogation, the accused confessed that they got the ration permits from drivers of same nationality for 100 riyals per each permit and they bought the items from the ration shop and sold it for double prices.

The CID urges all citizens to not handover the ration permits to drivers as it may be misused by them by giving it for persons they does not deserve it, especially the state is spending a huge amount from its budget to support those materials as a part of the procedures to ease the life of citizens.