Gang of counterfeiters arrested


DOHA: As a part of the efforts to tackle crimes and to maintain security and stability, The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has recently arrested a four-man expatriate who involved in the circulation of counterfeited currency notes with the aim of destabilizing the economy of the country. 

The arrest was held after the police received a complaint from one of the employees of a prominent shopping centre that a client had bought a pre-paid Hala card using a fake currency note. The Economic Crime Investigation Unit at the CID formed a task force to investigate the case. Based on the description of the suspect given by the worker, members of the task force succeeded in arresting him in a short time.
The suspect admitted that he has received the counterfeited currencies form one of his colleagues of same nationality and with out knowing it as fake notes. 

During the interrogation, the second suspect confessed that he has received the a lot of currencies from a third person of Arab nationality with the intention of distributing it against a commission if the specified fake currencies are distributed as agreed. In the search, the police found out many fake notes from them. 

Later, the CID arrested the remaining gang members and a number of counterfeit banknotes were seized in the operation. The suspects told the police that they had managed to put into circulation a substantial number of counterfeit banknotes. 

The CID has urged shopkeepers to be alert and ensure that the banknotes paid by their customers are original and urged the citizens and expatriates to cooperate with concerned departments through informing about any fake note as a part of the move to protect the national economy from any loss.