Seminar on money laundering and financing terrorism


Doha. Ahmed Bin Muhammed Military College organized a seminar on the topic "Efforts of Qatar in combating money laundering and financing terrorism" on Monday, 23/3/2009 at college premise.

Staff Brig. Hamad Bin Ahmed Al Nuaimi, Commander of the college presided over the seminar where Brig. Abdullah Salim Al Ali, Director General of general directorate of borders passports and expatriates affairs and vice chairman of the national committee for combating money laundering and financing terrorism, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Eid Al Thani, Head of financial information unit and Captain. Ali Hasan Al Kubaisi, Head of Financial crimes section at criminal investigation department of the ministry of interior presented the papers in the seminar.

Sheikh Ahmed Bin Eid Al Thani who talked in the first, said "The money laundering and financing terrorism is one of the most dangerous financial crimes which have negative impacts on the society as it can dominate on most of the financial crimes and illegal activities. For this reason, the State of Qatar drafted many rules and legislations to fight this crime to keep all institutions of the country far from this evil".

"The Financial Information Unit is considered as one of the main pillar of this system because it enhances cooperation at national level thorugh constant coordination between the unit and different surveillance authorities with the aim of disclosing any attempt of infiltrating any suspicious money to the country. The unit has accomplished many achievements, which were hailed by the national and international authorities" Seheikh Al Thani added.

On the other side, Captain. Ali Hassan Al Kubaisi said "The Financial crimes have entered the new dimensions in the recent days at international level. This has pushed the interior ministry to form a section to fight against the financial crimes, a separate branch for combating electronic crimes, another branch for combating forgery and counterfeiting and a branch for combating money laundering. All of the above aim at stopping the misuse of customers accounts in the banks, preventing the fraud operations among the people and companies and protecting the threats against financial security. The section has latest equipments and high-qualified staff and the CID maintains cooperation and coordination with Q-Tel for confiscating the financial crimes. There is also exchange of visits and expertise between financial crimes prevention branch and its counterpart in the developed countries to learn about the latest ways of committing financial crimes and to learn how to reach out to the criminals along with producing evidences against them".

In the shade of developments witnessed by the states of the world in the field crimes and its fast spreading, which is a new phenomenon seen in the world which was not in the olden days, the section under the CID coordinates with many international authorities for combating crimes like National Committee for combating money laundering and financing terrorism, National committee for combating human trafficking and Interpol. This cooperation is through exchanging information between those organizations and us, which helps to confiscate the financial criminals fastly and quickly, Al Kubaisi mentioned.

In the end of the seminar, Brig. Abdullah Salim Al Ali stressed that the state of Qatar has taken many precautions for combating the crimes of money laundering and financing terrorism, which comprise of issuance of law on money laundering which was followed by a series of memos. The committee sent many memos to all insurance companies in the country asking them to take precautious procedures and to surviel the deposits and transfers along with confirming the identity of the customer, his financial status, source of his money, reasons of insuring, net annual income of last three years and contracts of life and savings insurances. The state's law against money laundering has specified a series of harsh punishments against the violators, which consist of imprisonment and fine.

"The modern technology and information systems have played a great role in spreading the phenomenon of money laundering. The globalization of the financial services and world free trade system has also eased the process of sending a huge amount of money through electronic transfers. This has helped many people to commit the organized crimes" explaining about the reasons of money laundering crimes" Brig. Al Ali stated.

Teaching staff of the military college and officers from the Qatar Emiri Armed Forces attended the session.