Al Fazaa now on Qatar's roads


The Rescue Police "Al Fazaa" started its operation from Sunday, 15/3/2009 in all areas of the Doha city. The initiative comes in the framework of the ministry of interior's efforts to spread security in general through organizing and running security patrols that will provide security and stability and would extend helps and supports for citizens and expatriates in addition to offering humanitarian and social services for the community individuals.

On the occasion of launching Al Fazaa on roads, Lt. Col. Abdul Azeez Bin Faisal Al Thani held a press conference on Monday at Al Maamoora traffic centre in which he stated "The Rescue Police "Al Fazaa" has started its operation since Sunday at 13 areas in Doha city with one or two patrol vehicles in each area, which will be deployed according to the population density and range of traffic rush. In addition to this, there will be some patrols on highways that join one district with another district and also on outer roads.

"Al Fazaa will work 24 hours a day to guarantee security, maintain the discipline and to ensure the society's safety. These patrols will answer on the complaints and calls and also will offer support for concerned departments in the ministry. Along with this, it will organize the traffic movement and will register the traffic violations in cooperation and coordination with patrols of traffic department and internal security force" Explaining about the functions and duties of the newly launched Al Fazaa, Lt. Col. Al Thani said.
Lt. Col. Abdul Azeez Bin Faisal Al Thani then mentioned that, Al Fazaa will work to ensure the traffic safety on roads and will answer on all calls that need emergency support and intervention while the patrols will reach to the accident sites within minutes after receiving the call from the operations room under the interior ministry.


" The Rescue Police has trained and qualified staff who can afford the responsibility of maintaining quality of the rendered services for the individuals of the society as their skills and adequacy has improved through courses conducted inside the country and outside as well" talking about the Al Fazaa staff, Lt. Col. Abdul Azeez emphasized.

Al Fazaa has a fleet of high powered and fast vehicles, which will be identified by its color that suits the nature of its work. It has been equipped with latest communication technologies to coop up with the various situations with flexibility and perfection. The service has an important role in securing the outer roads for the safety of citizens and expatriates.