Traffic exhibition hosts discussion on the services of Interior Ministry towards handicapped.

12-3-hand-1On the side lines of 24th GCC traffic week celebrations, The Public Relations Department organized a discussion forum on the services of Interior Ministry towards handicapped. The forum discussed the requirements, problems and difficulties faced by this category of people and the role of Interior ministry in reducing their difficulties when approaching its various departments to complete any transaction.

Col. Muhammed Saad Al Kharji, Director of traffic and patrols dept., Lt. Col. Abdullah Khalifa Al Muftah, Director of public relations department, Dr. Khalid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Arab Federation for handicapped, officers from Ministry of Interior, representatives of Arab and foreign media, T.V. reporters and a number of handicapped people attended the discussion forum.

Lt. Col. Al Muftah welcoming the audience to the session said " This session is organized with the aim of creating a close approach between ministry of Interior and handicapped brothers listening to their problems, recommendations and opinions about the services rendered by the Ministry of Interior to them. He stressed on the keenness of Interior ministry in solving all difficulties faced by this important category of the people of society".

Dr. Khalid Al Nuami appreciating the Ministry of Interior for hosting a program specially for handicapped said " As I know, this initiative of Qatari interior ministry to listen to the problems faced by the handicapped people and to find solutions for that is the first attempt by the Interior ministries all over the gulf countries". He thanked and appreciated H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khalifa Bin Nasser Al Thani, minister of state for Internal affairs for His Excellency's all supports given to the handicapped people in Qatar.

12-3-hand-2Then, Col. Al Kharji stressed on the care provided by the traffic and patrols dept. for handicapped people through easing all procedures for them and pointed out that the traffic department is operating a specials office for their service. The department has given notices to its all officers and employees to go to the handicapped people if the traffic office is upstair if they require that instead of they visit the traffic office.

The moderator of the session gave enough time to hear the complaints of the handicapped people. Most of the recommendations were around parking lots reserved for handicapped as they requested the Interior ministry to provide more parking lots with more space for them in addition to imposing stricter penalties for the exploiters of these parking lots. The traffic director offered them to do all the possible in this regard and he added that, the new traffic law is offering very strict penalties for the violators of the handicapped parking lots like imprisonment of one week at least or / and fine of QR 3000 to QR 10000 when reviewed by the court.

Answering on a recommendation by one of the audience to honor an handicapped driver during the honoring of old ideal drivers program in the GCC traffic week, Traffic director offered that, the department will honor Mr. Abdul Rahman – a handicapped Qatari youth on Wednesday evening in a public function as a response to this recommendation.

The traffic director listened to all questions and offered all possible solutions as soon as possible and he promised the handicapped audience to be completely confident of forwarding their opinions to the concerned departments with high concern.

12-3-hand-1As a continuation of the 24th GCC traffic week celebrations' activities under the motto " Wrong overtaking kills", The delegations from GCC countries participating in the traffic week celebrations organized by the Qatari Ministry of Interior visited the Doha secondary independent school on Tuesday. Ghuloom Abdullah, the director of the school, teachers and other officials received the visiting traffic delegation. The school director explained the experience of independent schools in Qatar generally and Doha secondary independent school's experience particularly during an introductory meeting held at school hall with heads and members of the traffic delegations. Gulullm Abdullah pointed out to the achievements of Doha independent school which gained excellence in performing its educational duty including winning of ISO quality award. He said during his speech, the available 85 independent schools in Qatar which include primary, preparatory, secondary and technical schools were introduced in the country in the framework of educational initiative of new stage. They are government schools but they have freedom to select its syllabus, teachers and staff while they possesses complete freedom in its contents and premises like private schools. The government is paying for each student of the school and this amount will be added to the school budget and will be utilized for the sake of school, its teachers, staff and students.

Then he added that, the independent schools are quite different from the normal schools as they work according to the special standards and it strive hardly to reach to the Qatari national standards and each educational subject has special standard and everyone attempts to reach to those standards. The students at Doha independent school select their future subject from the 11th standard and 2nd year of secondary education which help them to show creativity and innovation in their future life.

After the welcome speech, Prof. Fayed, social studies coordinator at the school gave an explanation on "Nationality program". This program was implemented in Qatar last year and Doha secondary independent school was the first school that implemented "Nationality program" in the country. During this program, last year we discussed about the program "problems of traffic accidents" and this year we discussed about the program " traffic rush". To implement this program we distributed the students to 5 groups who held field visits to meet the officials of Public works authority, civil planning dept. and traffic and patrols dept. Some students took care of observing the published news related with these subjects through internet and news papers. At the end, we could to reach to the final recommendations which were forwarded to the concerned officials. After the explanation, Jassim Sheen Al Sulaithi and Khalil Ibrahim Shamiyah – two students of the school presented a demonstration on the phases of " Nationality program" work about traffic rush in addition to the elaboration on recommendations forwarded by the school students to solve this problem.

Then, the school director took the delegation members for a tour at the traffic exhibition arranged by the students at school premise. The visiting delegations appreciated the attractive and useful educational activities and methods presented by the students of the school who can take part in the national building in the future.

hand5In the framework of activities of the 24th GCC traffic week celebrations under the motto " Wrong overtaking kills", The heads and members of the delegations from GCC countries participating in the traffic week celebrations organized by the Qatari Ministry of Interior and officers and personnel from traffic and patrols department distributed flowers, traffic awareness stickers, and brochures for drivers at various streets in Doha.