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The Ministry of Interior (MOI) constantly improves and simplifies its services delivery channels and procedures. In the light of this, MOI introduces its unique service “Metrash 2” that enables Qatari nationals and residents to apply for and obtain more than 100 services that save their time, effort and money, while enjoying the convenience of using their smart phones.

Traffic Services

  • Traffic violations
  • Renew driving license
  • Issue replacement for damaged driving license
  • Travel exit permit
  • Transfer vehicle ownership
  • Transfer ownership of significant number plate
  • Traffic certificates
  • NOC to obtain driving license
  • Inquire about vehicle with chassis number
  • Significant plates auction
  • Display significant plates
  • Release vehicle mortgage

Residence Permit Services

  • Renew RP
  • Cancel RP
  • Transfer RP to new passport
  • Separate dependent from parental passport
  • Issue new RP by using a visa number
  • Reactivate previous RP
  • Sponsored names report

Exit Permit Services

  • Exit Permits
  • Visa exit permits
  • Cancel exit permit
  • Vehicle exit permit
  • Travel statement
  • Return permit

Entry Visa Services

  • Issue return visit visa
  • Pay due visa fees
  • Follow up on approvals and pay due fees
  • Renew visa validity
  • Extend visa
  • Pay visa fines
  • Change nationality of approval
  • Renew approval
  • Update visa information
  • Change visa type
  • Instant approvals
  • Visa holders list
  • Apply for issuing visa
  • Issue NOC for sponsored persons
  • Approval consumption

eGate Services

  • Renew eGate service
  • Activate eGate service


  • Exit / Entry Transactions
  • Companies
  • Vehicles
  • Visas
  • Sponsored persons
  • Official Documents

General Services

  • Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Report lost objects
  • Report lost Qatari documents
  • Delegate services
  • Report absconding person
  • Inquire security cases
  • Inquire address
  • Important locations
  • Contact us
  • Inquire about travel ban

Activating Metrash 2 service

Metrash 2 Service requires that there must be a mobile number a registered in the applicant’s name
You may obtain and activate Metrash 2 Service through SMS or Self Service Kiosk.

Metrash 2 allows using its services on two different smart phones, as follows:

  • Step 1

    Download Metrash 2 service from your preferable store onto the second smart phone.

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