Organizing traffic movements was started in Qatar from the date the people started using vehicles. The Law enforcement force of that time took the responsibility of controlling traffic movements in the Qatar where the numbers of vehicles were very less.

The traffic law No. (17) was issued in the year 1968 to organize the traffic rules and disciplines in a time when the signs and features of development was witnessed in the country along with increase in the numbers of vehicles and driving licenses issued for people in addition to increment in population density.

In the shades of developments and opulence seen commonly in all parts of the country which convoyed with growth of population, long roads, huge numbers of vehicles and rise in the numbers of foreign workers, lead to recruit a large number of police personnel to organize the traffic movement in the country and other experts to improve the traffic system in the state. When the traffic law No. (17) of 1968 didn’t comprise whole parts of traffic requirements that convoy with the cultural awakening of that time, The traffic law No.(10) for the year 1979 was issued. In the year 1998