The Ministry of Interior (MoI) constantly improves and simplifies its services delivery channels and procedures. In the light of this, MoI introduces its unique service “Metrash2” that enables Qatari nationals and residents to obtain a wide range of MoI’s services while enjoying the convenience of using their mobile phones.

Metrash2 Services:

  • Issue of 'Exit Permit' for personal sponsorships under nationals and residents
  • Issue of 'Exit Permit' for company sponsored personnel
  • View traffic violations and pay due fines
  • View data of official documents registered for individuals

The MOI will add other services that will automatically show on Metrash2 service list.

Requirements :

  • Valid Smart ID Card
  • The mobile number should be registered in the applicant’s name
  • Registration will be done through 'Self Service Kiosk' machines. For locations' list, please visit:

How to subscribe for Metrash2 service:

  • Log into the Self-Service system by using your Smart ID Card
  • Select “Metrash2” option and wait until Metrash2 service screen is displayed
  • Enter your mobile phone number and click the service registration icon
  • When the system displays a confirmation message that the service is successfully completed, it displays the service activation key which has two parts as be: 1) First part will be printed by the 'Self Service Kiosk' in the format (***-1234) 2) Second part will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile number in the format (****-5678).

    Important Note: The two-part activation key will be used for only one time to activate Metrash2 service; therefore it should be kept confidential. If not used within a weak the activation code will expire. Another activation key should be obtained using the same described registration procedure.

    Confidentiality & Privacy:
  • In order to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the self services, the subscriber is provided with one part of the activation key (1234-****) printed on the subscription receipt upon registration and the other part (****-5678) will be sent via SMS.
  • The two-part (1234-5678) activation key will be used for one time when activating the system.
  • The subscriber must enter a PIN code to be used when accessing the system. The PIN code consists of 4-8 combination of numbers and characters.
  • In case of mobile lost, user is strongly requested to block the Metrash2 service through any Self Service Kiosk machine for preventing misuse of Metrash2 facilities by others.
  • Also, the user must block the service through the application on the mobile before changing the mobile handset.

How to download Metrash2 system on your mobile:

To download MOI’s services software for mobile devices, do the following:

  • Download and Install Metrash2 application from Google Play or Apple Store
  • After downloading, Metrash2 system will appear :


How to activate Metrash2 service:

1- Click the system icon, then the welcome screen will be displayed

2- Select the language: Arabic or English


3- In case of first-time use, the Service Activation screen is displayed


Enter the required data as follow :

  • Personal ID number for the subscribing mobile owner
  • First part of the activation key found on the receipt printed by the Self Service Kiosk
  • Second part of the activation key sent via SMS
  • Enter password that will be required later to access the system
  • Re enter the password to confirm
  • After confirmation, the login screen appears where you enter your password


4- The main Metrash2 service menu is displayed for you to start using it.