The first department for passports was established in the beginning of fifties on the name " Passports division- Dairathul Jawazath" and its office was located in the building of the General Headquarter of Armed Forces with less than ten staff members and three offices for issuing visas and stamping residence permits for applicants from all nationalities. It has also other two branch offices located near to the Doha old port. This office was for issuing Qatari passports.

In 1960, The passports division was shifted completely to a new building near by Old doha port. This building comprised offices of passports, customs and ports divisions in addition to ports health section. When the load was increased on the division's office it was shifted to another private building at Al Bida area and alter on to a building at embassies street. In the beginning of seventies, The department's headquarter was shifted to the present building located at Al Gharrafa district.

When the functions of the department was developed and its various sections was formed as a result of developments in economy , construction and population in the state of Qatar, The first decree on the entry and residence of expatriates in Qatar was issued in 1961. In the year 1963 another decree was issued in this regard. The decree on Qatar nationality was issued in 1962 and later on the decree on ID Cards was issued in the same year. In 1989, the decree on amending the organizational structure of the department and dividing in to 5 by the minister of interior was issued but in 2001another decree was issued by the minister of state for interior affairs on re-organizing the administrative structure of the department and distributing its functions and its was named as " General Directorate of Borders Passports and Expatriates Affairs".