Borders Passports Department

The main functions of this department are as follows.

  • To organize the entry and exit of the passengers from and to the country .
  • To issue on arrival and in advance visas according to the rules and regulations .
  • To issue entry visas for those who have stayed more than six months outside the country.
  • To issue exit permits for expatriates and minor children of citizens and their wives.
  • To issue temporary entry permit for seamen entering through seaports.
  • To supervise on the moving process of ship captains from and to the ships.
  • To issue entry and exit statements for individuals.
  • To offer reconciliation for offenders in accordance with provisions of the law and under its jurisdiction and to collect the reconciliation amount.
  • To propose the annual budget of the Department.
  • To carry out any other mission entrusted by the concerned authority.