Expatriates Affairs Department

The main functions of this department are as follows.

  • To issue all kind of entry visas in accordance with concerned rules and regulations.
  • To execute the decisions of the concerned authorities for the recruitment by approving the required entry visa and following up with concerned authorities in accordance with rules and instruction organizing it.
  • To issue, renew, transfer, correct and cancel residence permits according to the rules and regulations.
  • To issue ID numbers and ID cards for Expatriates as well as establishment numbers for companies.
  • To prepare statistical data and information about expatriates and provide it for the concerned authorities in the country.
  • To issue statistical statements of individuals and companies .
  • To offer reconciliation for offenders in accordance with provisions of the law and under its jurisdiction and to collect the reconciliation amount.
  • To collect biometric samples of the expatriate (Eye print, , face image, and fingerprint).

To propose the annual budget of the Department .

  • Any other mission entrusted by the concerned authority.