Laws and Regulations Controlling Storage, Sale, Purchase, Transportation and Usage of Gas Cylinders

First: Storage

  1. Warehouse should be remote from populated areas or at the industrial area
  2. The warehouse should be well ventilated
  3. Providing one trolley powder fire extinguisher (75 Kg), two powder fire extinguishers (12 Kg) and two water + gas extinguishers (2.5 gallons)
  4. Workers should not accommodate in the warehouse
  5. No smoking and flammable gas signs
  6.  Smoke detectors
  7. Avoid having a thermal or sparkling source
  8. Provide water sprinklers in storage and distribution areas
  9. Floors should be solid with no gaps
  10. The building should consist of one floor
  11. Barbed wire should be fixed on the outer fence to prevent intruders
  12. 24 hours security guards (3 shifts)
  13. Paving the floor with asphalt, having entrance and exit traffic lines with big gates for big vehicles.

Second: Purchase and Sale

The National Gas Distribution Co. distributes gas cylinders of various sizes for major distributing points in the industrial area. The Distribution and sale stored receive their daily quota and they provide it in turn for customers

Third: Transportation and Usage

  • The different sizes of gas cylinders are transported by the special vehicles of the National Gas Distribution Co. made for this purpose, and then the other stored provide it for clients
  • Specialized technicians should install the gas cylinders for clients. Valve, regulator and nozzle of the gas cylinder should be checked by soap foam to avoid leakage
  • Any gas cylinder without safety valve should be discarded. The National Gas Distribution Co. provides gas cylinders according to international technical standards of safety and quality.