It should be stored as follows:

  1. Pesticides warehouses shoud be away of populated areas, food factories, warehouses, food processing stores, beverages and animal fodder
  2. Avoid the leakage of fire fighting water used in pesticides warehouses to water streams, lakes, wells, water tanks, farms or water channels and other premises
  3. Pesticides should be kept in special places assigned by relevant bodies, no other materials should be stored in the same place
  4. Highly toxic pesticides (item 6), Volatile and combustible pesticides in a properly secured place and monitored place
  5. Fixing Pesticides signs and stressing the word "hazardous" in addition to the shape in demo A-B followed by the word "toxic" in both The Arabic and English languages. Writing should be in a big font and in bold black
  6.  Leaking or defected containers should be gathered separately and destroyed according to the manufacturers instructions(item 8/4)
  7. Pesticides should be stored on wooden base not close to the floor

Domestic Pesticides should be as follows:

  1. Stored and displayed so that it does not pollute other commodities like food, clothes or other stuff for human and animal consumption 
  2. The quantity displayed should be proper for regular sales rates only 
  3.  Containers should be packed safely away from children 
  4.  Remove Defective or leaking containers and get rid of it as stated in item (9/6)