Transportation and Exchange of chemicals

The company importing or dealing with these materials should abide by the following:
The warehouse should follow the following specs:

  1. Warehouses should be in remote, non populated areas with a security cordon as relevant to the level of hazards
  2. Non combustible construction material, it is preferable to be a cylindrical construction with a light ceiling
  3. Well natural or artificial ventilation, fixed temperature according to the stored material
  4. Easy access fire fighting equipment, preferably the primary type
  5. Automatic pollution alarm
  6. Safe electricity connections
  7. Electricity connections following technical specs
  8. Floors should follow specs
  9. It is preferred that the lighting source is natural or an indirect lighting system
  10. Door steps should be high enough to control any leakage, a drainage system according to safe engineering specs
  11. Proper cleanliness through getting rid of waste and grass.