Petrol Stations Safety Measures

  1. Dry powder fire extinguisher (12 kg)
  2. Foam fire extinguisher (2 gallons)
  3. Sand buckets
  4. Powder Trolley (50 kgm.)
  5. Foam trolley (50 kgm.)
  6. No smoking and stop engine signs
  7. Fire alarms
  8. Maintaining the quality of the above mentioned fire equipment and follow the safety measures of fuel tanks and ventilation pipes (according to the National Petroleum Distribution Co.)

Chemicals Storage Safety Measures

Applying Specs as follows:

  1. Chemicals should be stored in classified packages, leaving a space from the ceiling no less than 1.5 meters. Two thirds of the total area of the warehouse should be occupied. This should be calculated according to the premises design, the level of protection needed and the quantity to be stored (applying international standards in this respect)
  2. Leaving proper spaces between the chemicals and the walls, exits, windows and hazards.
  3. Enough Passageways to facilitate mobilization.
  4. Packages should be stored on wooden base