Plastics Industry

Carbon dioxide + Powder extinguishers (according to the factory area) under the guidance of the preventive officer.

  1. Fire alarms with smoke detectors and panel
  2. Exit light panels showing emergency exits and lights
  3. No smoking signs
  4. First aid kit
  5. Ventilator (good natural ventilation as well)
  6. Well isolated electric connections (to avoid thermal radiation)
  7. Make sure all passage ways are not blocked by any obstacles
  8. Do not pile up products after manufacturing and clean up industrial waste
  9. Passage ways should be vast and no obstacles in exit and entrance doors
  10. Electricity connections should be well isolated and electricity must be cut off after daily work but for the equipment that needs power all the time
  11. There should be more than emergency exit
  12. Total cleanliness and organization
  13. Security guards should be trained on how to prevent fire and fire fighting
  14. Proper spaces should be left between machines
  15. Land wire connections should be laid in metal routes
  16. Setting signs and panels
  17. Water sprinklers