1) Celebrating world civil defense day.

The directorate general of civil defense has been celebrating "World civil defense day" on first of March every year to showcase the role of the department in protecting the lives and properties of the citizens and expatriate residents in the country through organizing awareness programs.

2) Exhibitions.

The directorate general organizes it self many security exhibitions to make the people aware of fire prevention and also participates with pavilions in exhibitions organized by various public and private organizations and establishments.

3) Lectures and Seminars

The directorate general conducts seminars and lectures for the public on civil defense activities.

4) Visits

The directorate general organizes visits for school students from nationals and expatriates to the civil defense centers to introduce them with the dangers they may face from the fire.

5) Voluntary Project

The "Voluntary" project means every person (male of female) can join in the activities of the civil defense voluntarily in the time of peace or war to protect the lives and properties of the people and the nation.