(1) E-gate


E-gate system is available at the departure and arrival lounge at Doha International Airport to avoid long queues for passengers.

Place the electronic card in the specified slot for the card, and then place the tip of pointer finger in the other slot to take the fingerprint automatically in order to open the gate and allow the passenger to cross after verifying all personal data in a very short time.

Procedures for obtaining the card :

Please visit the ASPD where there is a special office for the issuance of these cards.

No written Application form is required. Just bring your ID or Passport.

The authorized staff will take your photograph and electronic fingerprint of your pointer finger

QR 100 for one year validity .
QR 150 for two year's.
QR 200 for 3 year's validity.



Requirement for Obtaining E-Gate Card:

  • The presence of the applicant personally in the Office of the issuance of E-cards.
  • The applicant should be a Qatar national or a resident or a citizen of the GCC countries.
  • To produce the ID Cards or original Passport for Qatar national or resident.
  • To produce the passport for citizens of the GCC.

Same fee will be charged in case of requesting for issuing a new one instead of lost of damaged E-gate card.