Qatar National Hotels Company (QNHC)

Established in 1993 and totally owned by the government of Qatar, QNHC holds possession of the assets of the former Qatar Hotels National Company, which was established in 1970. QNHC undertakes, in collaboration with the local and foreign private sector, the establishment of tourist attractions. It has several subsidiaries including Doha Sheraton Hotel and Resort, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Sealine Beach Resort, Golf Club, Tourist Transport Department, Qatar Holidays, and Qatar Limousine Services.
Tel: 4857777

  1. Ritz Carlton Hotel:
    Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, Ritz Carlton Hotel has a magnificent waterfront view, a fine beach and a good location on the West Bay area, close to Doha Golf Club. It has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis and squash courts in addition to leisure facilities and associated services, which are available for guests and visitors alike.
    Tel: 4848000
    Fax: 4848484
    P. O. Box: 23400
  2.  Fareej Sharq Hotel and Resort:
    With 350 meters of beach line, the hotel is formed of 14 buildings made of natural stones and wood comprising 174 rooms and suites. It has a number of first class restaurants, high quality sports and recreational facilities including an exclusive spa, sports club and swimming pools overlooking a spectacular view of the sea.
    Tel: 4256666
    Fax: 4256660
    P. O. Box: 26662
  3. Doha Four Seasons Hotel:
    Doha Four Seasons Hotel is situated in the West Bay area close to the diplomatic area, Qatar International Exhibition Center, City Center Shopping Complex and Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex. It has luxurious rooms and suites and enjoys a spectacular view on Doha Corniche.
    Tel: 4948888
    Fax: 4948282
    P. O. Box: 24665
  4. Doha Sheraton Hotel and Resort:
    Doha Sheraton is distinguished by its excellent location in the West Bay area and its spectacular pyramidal architecture, which makes it a landmark on Doha's skyline. The hotel provides a wide range of luxurious facilities to choose from including a fitness center, tennis and squash courts as well as a number of restaurants and cafes.
    Tel: 4854444
    Fax: 4832323
    P. O. Box: 6000
  5. Doha Marriott Hotel:
    Doha Marriott Hotel lies close to the city center and adjacent to the sea. It has luxurious suites, a recreation and sports center and a wide choice of restaurants and cafes.
    Tel: 4298888
    Fax: 4418784
    P. O. Box: 1911
  6. Doha Intercontinental Hotel:
    This hotel is located in the West Bay Lagoon area next to Doha Golf Club, 10 minutes drive from town center. It offers luxurious rooms and suites as well as all other entertainment facilities.
    Tel: 4844444
    Fax: 4839555
    P. O. Box: 6822
  7. Grand Regency Hotel:
    5 stars
    Located in Al Sadd area, this hotel has a variety of rooms, suites, restaurants and halls.
    Tel: 4343333
    Fax: 4343444
    P. O. Box: 22606
  8. Ramada Plaza Hotel:
    Located close to the city center, this hotel has luxurious rooms and suites and a recreational center with impressive leisure and sports facilities.
    Tel: 4281428/4417417
    Fax: 4410941
    P. O. Box: 1768
  9. Movenpick Tower & Suites Doha:
    Located in the west bay area, this hotel comprises an assortment of rooms, suites and restaurants and offers all relevant services.
    Tel: 4966600
    Fax: 4966610
    P. O. Box: 22752
  10. Al Sultan Hotel and Resort:
    Situated in Al Khor town, Al Sultan hotel has 216 rooms, three classes of suites, a swimming pool and a number of restaurants.
    Tel: 4722666
    Fax: 4721472
    P. O. Box: 5555
  11. Millennuim Hotel:
    Located in Al Sadd neighborhood close to the markets area, this hotel comprises a diverse assortment of rooms, suites and restaurants.
    Tel: 4247777
    Fax: 4341774
    P. O. Box: 24249
  12. Mercure Grand Hotel:
    Located in the heart of the city's commercial center, this hotel has a number of rooms and suites and offers all hotel services.
    Tel: 4462222
    Fax: 4439186
    P. O. Box: 7566
  13. Ridges Plaza Hotel Doha:
    Situated in Al Bida area close to the commercial center of town, this hotel enjoys a marvelous view on Doha Corniche from some of its rooms and suites; and it boasts some top-brand Italian restaurants as well as quality services at reasonable rates.
    Tel: 4385444
    Fax: 4385445
    P. O. Box: 22686
  14. Movenpick Doha:
    This hotel has a number of comfortable rooms, suites and restaurants and offers a wide range of related facilities.
    Tel: 4291111
    Fax: 4291100
    P. O. Box: 24220
  15. Al Bustan Hotel:
    Situated on Al Mathaf Street in the centre of the capital city of Doha, this hotel enjoys a spectacular view on Doha Corniche from some of its rooms.
    Tel: 4328888
    Fax: 4436111
    P. O. Box: 955 
  16. Merweb Al-Sadd Hotel:
    Situated close to al Sadd commercial area, this hotel offers miscellaneous services at reasonable rates.
    Tel: 4471111
    Fax: 4471117
    P. O. Box: 22201