Ministry of Interior
Department of Logistics
Purchase Division
وزارة الداخلية
إدارة الإمداد والتجهيز
قسم المشـــتريات
Registration Form
Company Name:
Address: Area: St.: Build. No.:
Telephone No.: P.O Box No.
Fax No.:
Responsible / Manager Name: Phone No.:
Mobile No.:
Type of materials / services you provide for Ministry of Interior with attorneys and other details (if possible)
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(For official use only)
Directions of Head of Purchase Division:
Approve / Not Approve: Signature:
Date: //

  • Required Documents:

1- Copy of a valid Commercial Register.
2- Copy of a valid Municipality Commercial License .
3- Copy of a valid membership certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Qatar .
4- Copy of a valid no objection certificate for importing devices and fire – fighting, public safety and warning equipment issued and approved by the General Department of Civil Defense in force only for specialized suppliers of fire-fighting equipment, public safety and warning. .

  • Conditions and obligations to be adhered to if we approved your registration, as follows:-

1-Responding to offers and inquiries as soon as possible before closing date..
2- Apology for the supply of materials after issuance of import/ work order is not accepted.
3- Full compliance with the specifications of items specified in the import/work order .
4- In case of not responding for more than (3) times, you will be omitted from our certified lists except you provided convincing and accepted reasons.
5- Adherence to remarks mentioned in the quotation request when we send it to you as follows:-

  • Replying, whether the item is available or not.
  • Defining the delivery period, as a penalty of delay will be imposed, in case of late delivery, with a rate of (1%) for each week or part of the week and at maximum rate (10%) in case of awarding.
  • Quotation should be valid for not less than (60) days.
  • Compliance with items specifications in case of providing quotation.
  • The department has the right to split the item/s without reference to supplier except this has been identified.
  • Quotations should be put in closed envelops sealed with red tape, codify the practice No. and the closing date on the envelope whenever requested.

- In case of fraud or failure or the prices are not reasonable, the company/association will be excluded .
- Ministry of Interior represented, by Purchase Division, is not obliged to submit offers in all cases .
- The following suppliers should not be registered .
1) Companies that are owned or partnered by a person affiliated to Ministry of Interior.
2) All Ministry of Interior affiliates, except those who were transferred to reserve or retired.

Company seal


  Acceptance of terms
and commitments:

Name of authorized person to sign: