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Echoing the statements of delegates of the 13th UN Crime Congress that conferences, resolutions and “promises on paper” will not be enough to sustain the fight against crime, the Media Committee under the Preparatory Committee of the 13th UN Crime Congress launched “Tweet For Justice”, an initiative to use social media to ensure the continuous engagement of opinion makers, influencers, social media activists, law enforcement agencies and the general public in efforts towards crime prevention and the promotion of criminal justice.

The official launch of the project was made in the penultimate day of the Congress in the presence of Maj. Gen. Abdullah Yousuf Al Mal, Advisor to H.E. the Minister of Interior of Qatar and Chairperson of the Preparatory Committee.


“From the proceedings of the 13th UN Crime Congress, we realized that fighting crime truly relies on the sustained involvement of everyone -- beyond the duration of the Congress itself,” said Mr Abdullah Khalifa Al Muftah, Head of the Media Committee. “This is why we developed the idea of Tweet For Justice”.

He added that “Tweet For Justice” aims to continue the dialogue between the public and law enforcement agencies to make sure that the essence of the Doha Declaration -- that sustainable development and the rule of law were strongly interrelated and mutually reinforcing – is made the basis of future law enforcement policies.

The public can share their thoughts about crime prevention and criminal justice using the hashtag #tweet4justice.
The popularity and integration of social media with traditional forms of communication have created new opportunities for the public to conduct a continuing dialogue with law enforcement agencies. This can foster understanding, cooperation and a more comprehensive approach to countering all forms of crime, violence, corruption and terrorism, and to ensuring coordinated, coherent implementation.


“It is but fitting for us to launch this social media initiative since Qatar has the advantage of being one of the most networked-ready nations in the world,” said Mr Al Muftah. The 2014 Global Information and Technology Report ranks Qatar 23rd in the world and first among the Arab Networked Readiness with its strongest area of performance being government usage of ICT, ranking 4th in the world.

The Media Committee hopes that “Tweet for Justice” becomes the starting point of a sustained global discussion that will involve everyone who desires peace in the world to help in the adoption of comprehensive and inclusive national crime prevention and criminal justice policies and programmes; ensure the right of everyone to a fair trial without undue delay; review and reform legal aid policies; include gender perspective and youth-related concerns into criminal justice efforts; counter corruption and enhance transparency in public administration.