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1Police arrests womans murderers2013/10/16
2Vehicle Equipped for Smuggling Diesel Seized2013/10/05
3Arrest a gang for forging currencies2013/10/02
4The Accused in Entering Others Property Arrested2013/09/15
5Criminal Investigation Arrests 82 Beggars2013/08/26
6175 Cars Seized at Industrial Area2013/08/05
7Criminal Investigation Dept. Arrests 26 for Begging2013/07/24
8SFD Nabs Six Gangs Employing Absconding Housemaids2013/06/30
9Airport Security Department Seizes 10 kilos of Heroin2013/06/27
10SFD Bust Gangs Smuggling Absconding Workers2013/04/23
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